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02.01.17 | blog
Author: Taylor Jones

Smart Companies Mitigate Inevitable Disruption Problems to Customer Experience

If you look at’s list of top 10 outages for this week, you’ll see names like Pandora, Electronic Arts, HBO, and more.  Simply put, the reality is that disruptions and outages are the norm, but frontline, customer-facing operations struggle to be prepared to tackle the issue head on.

Consider, just last week Delta and United had computer issues ground flights and customers took to the internet to vent about frustration with the lack of response and communication.

Many other airlines (Southwest, JetBlue, American, and British Airways, to name a few) have all had issues in the past year or so as well, but the issue is universal to all organizations with minor differences in framing.  The related topic that appears to get little consideration is the customer experience during times of unexpected or uncommon customer demand– think system outages, product failures, natural disasters, etc.   

Certainly, every organization now has a business continuity plan for your IT systems, etc., but do you have one that includes the simple capability of being able to talk your customers off the ledge?  Better yet, can your organization provide the on-demand flexibility to dynamically scale and respond to unplanned events like system outages, natural disasters, or the perfect storm of both at the same time?

Unfortunately for most organizations, the answer is a resounding “no,” with business continuity planning remains a “check-the-box” procedure in IT departments that remains very conceptual just focused on failovers and keeping systems up and running.  There is less focus on the end customer’s experience.

An RX to Mitigate Negative Customer Experiences in times of Uncommon Demand

To ensure your brand is communicative and available during the outage to talk your customers off the ledge, the solution in a word is to “uberfy” your frontline and move it to an on-demand model.  The question remains though, how an organization should implement such a solution?

The answer is an on demand service model. Arise has been perfecting an on-demand, virtual customer service platform way before Uber was a verb. If there’s already a platform, why would you waste time and money building it yourself?  You’d need to ramp up additional hiring and training efforts and even then, without a virtualized model it is nearly impossible to staff to meet demand leaving you consistently understaffed and your customers are left on hold or overstaffed and you’re paying for resources to sit idle.  Outsourced solutions, like the Arise Platform solve this precise problem providing on-demand, scalable access to a vast network of resources where clients only pay for what they use. If you're interested in learning more about the Arise Platform for as a flexible, on-demand CX solution or in need of a consultancy to help you Uberfy your business, contact us

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During last year’s Hurricane Matthew event, a major travel company shut their contact center down and Arise provided over 221% of flex capacity within an hour of request.  Click here to learn more.

About the Author:

Taylor Jones serves as Arise's Senior Manager of Marketing & Business Development where he is responsible for managing digital marketing strategy and business development efforts. He has a keen interest in what companies need to create strong customer experiences and successful customer contact operations. Jones holds an MBA in Leadership from Queens University of Charlotte and a B.S. in Applied Mathematics & Spanish from the University of South Carolina Honors College

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