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with Arise’s Loyalty Programme Management Services

Tweets. Pings. Email. Customers are more connected than ever, in endless different ways. Their loyalty is not guaranteed and you must earn it constantly. Effective loyalty programmes are important tools in forging a strong relationship with your customers, but can be expensive to implement and manage.

The Arise platform provides access to call centres to manage the customer service needs of a wide variety of loyalty programs including rewards programmes, claims and warranty service, and more. The outsourced loyalty programme management services have demonstrated results, improving customer retention shown in higher customer satisfaction scores, and are significantly less expensive than traditional brick-and-mortar call centres services. 

Benefits of Arise Loyalty Programme Management

Increase Customer Lifetime Value:

Applying Arise’s real-time analytics platform and sophisticated data-mining techniques to loyalty programme management can help unlock actionable additional insights about your most profitable customers to increase your bottom line.

Focus on Your Business’s Core Competencies:

We take the time to know your business inside and out, and customize our services to fit your brand. Outsourcing loyalty programme management with call centres utilising the Arise platform means your internal resources are free to work on delivering other strategic priorities to drive your business forward.

Omnichannel and Omnilingual Service:

Our network of expert service professionals can support your customers across any channel or language they choose.


Clients only pay for time actually spent servicing your customers, unlike other loyalty programme management solutions.


With an advanced scheduling platform that can flex up or down to match your business’s unique call patterns, we are able to have resources available to manage your loyalty programme 24/7/365.


Any personal customer data collected through your company’s loyalty program is safe. Our platform features a secure IVR and meets the highest level of PCI and HIPAA compliance. All platform users undergo a detailed background check before being able to service clients using the Arise platform.

Tried and True

Improving customer retention while providing excellent customer service and support? That’s the unique ability of the Arise platform. Our demonstrated results and technology are the perfect solution for any Loyalty Programme Management. Reach out to one of our representatives to learn more. 

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